Online Safety

Keep Your Children Safe

I’ve heard about a lot legislation in the works to keep children safe while browsing online, I find myself increasing conflicted about it. I see the argument that the internet is a valuable tool for studying and children should be allowed to surf, without fear of being exposed to pornography and graphic violence, but on the other hand the internet was not designed for children, adults seeking adult themes should not be penalised or restricted to protect someone else’s children. So where does the responsibility lie, I’m not a parent myself but I would advise parents to never leave their children online alone. Whether on a computer or a tablet the internet is a dangerous place where predators can target those they wish through a number of mediums. I will continue to monitor the situation as the government tries to make internet more child friendly, whatever the result of these endeavours it should made clear that the only person responsible for a child’s safety online is the person who is looking after that child, whether that be a teacher, carer or parent.

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