Liberals vs Conservatives

There are 2 sides to every story and 2016 will be seen by some as a year of triumph and others as a year of tragedy. In the UK they had BREXIT in the US they elected Donald Trump, the effects of these decision are yet to be fully appreciated. So what do I believe? I think that as a people we have become too comfortable with being the worst version of ourselves and we are too willing to overlook the suffering of others for our own benefit, at one time we were more than willing to help other people and those who only wanted to help themselves were thought of as selfish. It’s strange because those times when helping others was the norm were harder, incomes were lower and many struggled to get by. On the other side we have a culture of entitlement where some people believe they are entitled to things they have not earned, as if it is their right to receive charity from others, as if if their right to live their lives any way they want and yet demonise others for not supporting their choices. If you choose to live a certain way, others should have the right to choose not to approve of your life choices.

Both sides have merit and yet both sides have fundamental issues and both sides are becoming more polarised as time goes on, hopefully we learn to actually accept the opinions of others before tragedy strikes, and these division become irreconcilable.

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