Night Sky London

In recent days/weeks I have begun to notice subtle changes in the environment, changes in the way people interact with each other and changes in the way the world itself, reality, presents itself. The majority of people spend their time focused solely on their daily mundane struggles, the daily issues that bombard them and demand full attention, it’s rare for people to look at the sky and notice. I started noticing at the beginning of the year, noticing that things were not as they should be, something was different and changing everyday, moving a little bit farther from what it’s meant to be, now I’m not vain or disillusion enough to believe I’m unique in my perceptions, in a world of 8 billion people I have to assume I’m not the only one who has seen what I’ve seen. That’s why I’ve put this on this page, so that if anyone else notices, if anyone else is looking, they will find this page and know that it’s really happening.

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